Letters to Dwarf - 1

Dear Dwarf,

How are you? Things have been tense. Yesterday, we had to fight two wyverns. Then, I was given accommodations (locked in a sparse, cell-like room) by a dwarven king. They’re debating right now on what to do with me.

Well, they decided not to kill me (for now). Instead, we’ve been given a quest. Today, we travel into the depths to find children taken from the dwarves by the drow. Is there any goodness in these, my elven relatives from below? I guess I’ll find out soon.

We’ve been in the underdark for a few days now. We passed through a marketplace, where we met an illithid. Its voice in my mind felt slimy and wrong, but we needed the information it had – the location of the missing children. Then, we found a guide to lead us to the arena, where slaves are bartered and wagers are placed on fighting events. The children are there, being sold as slaves…. or worse. It’s a terrible thought, and I hope that we aren’t too late to help them.


Letters to Dwarf - 1

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