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The world as we know it.

It’s been over 100 years since the last Great War, when the last Great Kingdom betrayed the peace and was subsequently destroyed by the combined forces of the other empires, culminating in an epic explosion and leaving nothing but a great ashen desert in its place. Some say it was their magical hubris that did them in. Others say their own armies turned against them. Yet others claim a portal to a demonic world was opened and this was the punishment for their actions.

The world has moved on, the peace being held tentatively. The Great Kingdom, now referred to as the Ashen Kingdom, was the center of all magical knowledge, trade, militaristic might, and many wish to regain what made the kingdom as powerful by sending expeditions to the center of the Ashen Desert, with little to no success. Maybe it is the wild magic in the area, maybe the magically gifted animals. Or maybe it is the remnants of the Sorrow Knights, a group of knights of the Great Kingdom turned evil, whose name still give chills to those who hear it.

Now is a time for new individuals to step up, to fight for what is right, to determine the outcome of the world and perhaps to solve the mystery of the last Great Kingdom’s demise.

Home Page

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