Kingdom Come

A meeting gone awry
How the players came together

Within the Adventurer’s Guild Hall, our 4 stalwart companions waited for the next mission to be posted to the board. Tavari spent her time singing wistful songs of olden days, songs of before the Great War, when life was less hectic. Cordatus read through his notes, thinking back on his wife…who was only a couple floors up in the room rented by the month. Aramil sat at the bar next to Laeral, expounding on the virtues of faith and his god, Orm. Laeral, as was her part, pretended to listen as she downed yet another mug of ale, trying to keep that sense of drunkenness at a high.

The hall was filled with all sorts of ruffians, ne’er do wells, heroes, and the like.

Rothgar posted a mission to the board, causing a ruckus as people rose from their seats to see what the newest mission was. Was it guard duty again for some rich noble? Maybe an expedition into a mountain cave? Alas, it was but a meeting with some anonymous noble. The four heroes put their names in, as did several others, hoping that Rothgar would pick them for this mission. No one knew exactly how he chose who went where, but he almost always seemed to pick the right person for the job…whatever it may be. In this case, it was the four, much to the chagrin of one up and coming rogue who always thought Tavari was stealing his jobs.

The four made their way to a unsavory part of town, and sat with a strangely dressed man. He wore a metal breastplate beneath his open robes. The robes were black with blue trim, and his face was covered by an clouded obsidian mask. No part of his body was exposed, and none could see through the mask. He introduced himself as a member of the White Shard, a secret group with the tenets to keep the kingdom safe from outside harm. His mission was simple:

  • An expedition was sent to the Ashen Desert funded by a member of the House of Commons, Lord Arturial. Of the 20 men who went, only 4 returned with their lives. With them they brought a number of “artifacts” found within the desert. There is reason to believe that one of the artifacts could pose a significant threat to the kingdom and must be retrieved if not destroyed. The expedition found its way back to the town of Altura. The mission is to investigate the expedition, retrieve the artifact if necessary, and not to let anyone know. It is suspected that Lord Arturial is supported by one of the House of Lords, but which one is not known.
  • Once you have done your investigation, meet a compatriot, a priest of Boral, a the Missions Boarding House.
  • The pay is 2500 gp upon mission completion.

The party set off that day and headed to Altura. Upon arriving they located the 4 men who had returned, a Fighter, a merchant, a priest, and an Abjurer. The fighter was drowning his sorrows in a bar, telling a tale of a 9’ tall humanoid with a lizard like face, skin covered in a morphing and moving carapace and a faintly iridescent shell. And after escaping that creature, the rest of the expedition succumbed to a Glitterfire ooze. Tavari soothed his heartache with a song, but could not find out who financed the expedition or who had the artifacts.

The merchant was in the marketplace selling “wares found in the Ashen Desert”. Tavari and Laeral assumed that the merchant was selling off the artifacts to make a quick buck, but only found that each of the items being sold were nothing but common knick knacks rubbed in gray dust to give the impression of old and of the Ashen Desert. The merchant was able to inform them that the artifacts had made their way to the Mage School for identification.

The priest was the leader of the expedition, financed by Lord Arturial. Aramil sought him out at the temple of Kerril, the God of Wealth.

Cordatus made his way to the Mage School, but it was closed for the evening. He returned with Aramil and eventually spoke with the abjurer about what had been found. The items were a strange lot:

  • 3 daggers of varying magical abilities.
  • A quarterstaff that kept trying to twist and warp when looked at or held.
  • A full suit of green scalemail with a strange magical aura about it.
  • 2 Non-magical rugs
  • A crate of 10 stone eggs (1 broken), thought to be dragon eggs.

Cordatus and Aramil checked the eggs, thinking that some creature might have escaped from the broken egg, and cracked open another egg to see. There was nothing inside.

Having found the artifacts, but not able to determine which was dangerous one, they returned to the town’s guild hall to decide their next move.


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