Kingdom Come


Using her contacts in the military Tavari was able to find out that Laeral’s father, General Winterstorm, had been sent to Tarvek with a contingent of soldiers to find out why the iron mines have stopped producing. The party teleported just outside of town and made their way to the tavern, hoping to find someone who could tell them where the general was. It was quickly noticed that town was oddly quiet. The forges weren’t running, the bloomeries were cold. All the houses and buildings were decorated for King’s Day which was more than a month prior.

Entering the tavern, the party was immediately beset upon by an unknown psychic force. Laeral’s mood changed to one of despondence and apathy. In the tavern, the mayor was also apathetic about the miners, saying they had taken the day off to celebrate the holiday and the general and soldiers was probably out celebrating as well.

Cordatus was able to determine that the magical force causing the apathy was emanating from beneath the floor boards. Pulling the boards up, they realized that it was not one item but many items radiating the magic. Cordatus briefly scanned the other buildings and found the same magic under each. Assuming the general went to the mines, the party got Laeral out of town and set up camp just outside the mine.

Once camp was set up, the party moved into the mine cautiously. Working their way down they found the rat-eaten body of a dwarf wearing military-style armor, but not the typical army uniform. His head had been bashed in and his body had been torn. After saying a word on his behalf, the party continued until they arrived at a large room filled with makeshift cages. The bars seemed to pierce out of the ceiling and into the ground. In each cage were a number of the villagers, a couple soldiers and a surprise guest: Delia, Tavari’s sister. She was a member of the Nightsong, an elite military unit in the Alaris army. Her unit’s assignment was to recover the general and the soldiers, but they were ambuhsed by their own teammate.

Cordatus was able to remove a few of the bars so the prisoners could escape. The remaining soldiers took the villagers out while the rest of the party and Delia moved on to find the General and Delia’s teammates. Teammates that included Kellam, Tavari’s boyfriend. The party arrived in a large cavern of non-euclidean nature in time to see General Winterstorm, Kellam, Fox and Red on their knees before a six-tentacled illithid. The creature placed a slug-looking tadpole into Red’s mouth, causing Red to scream in pain and panic. Standing to the right was a member of Delia’s team that had turned traitor.

Cordatus blasted the illithid with Chain-Lightning, harming the creature and killing a number of Duergar. The illithid screamed about the King in the Dark being unpleased, told the two Umber Hulk Thralls standing behind it to kill everyone, and then teleported out.

The party fought the Duergar, the Traitor and the Umber Hulks, and triumphed, but not before Laeral was confused by the Hulks gaze and accidentally felled her father in the process. Israel then moved forward to heal the harmed and fallen, saving General Winterstorm.

After resting for 8 hours, while Israel and Tavari kept Red sane enough, Cordatus teleported the captured soldiers to the nearest garrison, who worked on healing Red and any injuries involved.

After a debriefing back at the capital, Kellam was assigned to work at the Quartermasters in Estellerton. General Winterstorm was given an option of a desk job or to retire. Red and Fox were each assigned to new divisions. Delia decided to join the Mythic Shield as Tavari chose to retire from adventuring life to spend time with Kellam.


Reska Reska

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